We are Kris and Leah!

Our combined 30+ years of experience has taught us that sexuality is a complex topic and to appreciate that different audiences are best served through different approaches.


We care about you and healthy sexuality

We have worked with all different adults — parents, lovers, college students, teachers, and healthcare providers. Thanks to this experience, we understand the unique needs of each system/population and are able to translate research and best practices into accessible formats to provide effective learning environments.
Many organizations provide sexuality education for grades K-12 but fail to serve people once they leave high school. Other organizations provide sex education for adults, but it primarily focuses on sexual technique and tricks with an emphasis on physical pleasure over connection and self awareness. Our approach to adult sex education is unique in that it is provided by experts, embedded in research and best practices, and incorporates a more holistic approach to sex education that includes communication and connection.

Kris and Leah did what I haven’t seen any other trainers do. They approached subject matter that is as delicate as it is complicated.
— Martin Rafferty, Executive Director of Youth ERA

Our approach

  • Inclusive

  • Innovative

  • Honest

  • Accessible

  • Compassionate

  • Fun

  • Open

  • Research-based